Saturday, March 1, 2014

Number five goes live

There is something liberating about ending a series. When you bring a story to an end, you can focus solely on the task at hand and not what comes next. You have the freedom to take chances. You can write the story you want to write.

Today that story goes live. The Mirror is not just the fifth and final book in the Northwest Passage series. It's the novel I've wanted to tackle for more than a year -- a work that answers lingering questions, takes on new social issues, and recasts familiar characters in not-so-familiar roles.

It's the story of nineteen-year-old twin sisters who go from the comfortable, digital world of 2020 to the dawn of a turbulent decade that changed America forever. In Ginny and Katie Smith, readers will see 1964 as only a time traveler could see it.

The Mirror will not be my last time-travel work. Later this year, I will start a new series that encompasses many of the same themes. The Mirror will, however, be the curtain call for Joel Smith, Grace Vandenberg Smith, and their extended family.

I hope readers will like the last installment as much as they have liked the first four. The Mirror is available as a Kindle book on Enjoy.