Sunday, September 1, 2013

The series continues

More than five months of work come to fruition today with the release of The Fire, the sequel to The Journey and the fourth book in the Northwest Passage series. At 367 pages, this is my biggest work to date and, I believe, my best.

The Fire continues the story of the Johnson clan, who we left in the recovering hills around Mount St. Helens in August 1999. Kevin Johnson, 8 at the end of The Journey, is now a 22-year-old college graduate poised for an adventure of his own. He finds it in Wallace, Idaho, where he stumbles upon a time portal that takes him back to 1910, the year of Halley's comet and the largest wildfire in U.S. history.

While in the age of nickelodeons, high-wheel bicycles, telegraph offices, and tea dresses, the science major meets his great-great-grandfather, finds his calling as an educator, and becomes invested in two beautiful young women: Sarah, a first-year English teacher, and Sadie, the orphaned daughter of a bankrupt merchant.

Filled with humor, heartbreak, romance, and fantasy, The Fire chronicles one man's journey through an eventful but often overlooked year in American history.

The novel is available as an ebook on


  1. Just purchased for my Kindle! Looking forward to reading this exciting entry to the Northwest Passage series!

    Planning any more writing as of now?

  2. Hi, Jared. Thanks for your support. I have begun outlining Book 5 of the Northwest Passage series, which will feature Ginny and Katie Smith, Joel and Grace's 19-year-old twin daughters. They will travel from 2020 to 1964 Seattle and experience the burgeoning Sixties. I expect to release the book by the end of May 2014.