Thursday, July 14, 2016

A finished first draft and more

It took seven weeks, a lot of sweat, and some swearing at the cat (just kidding), but I finally got it done. The first draft of Class of ’59, the fourth book in the American Journey series, is a done deal.

I have forwarded the manuscript to the first of eight beta readers and hope to have a finished product by September 20. A cover for the book is also in the works and should be out within a week.

I am also pleased to report news on four other books.

Midwest Book Review, a highly respected and influential book review site founded in 1976, reviewed Indiana Belle this week. The review can be found online in the MBR’s July newsletter.

Narrator Sonja Field is two-thirds of the way through The Show audiobook. I expect to release that title by September.

Chaz Allen, who narrated the recently released September Sky audiobook, has started an audio production of The Fire. I hope to submit that work to Audible by October or November.

Downloads for Mercer Street, yesterday’s featured book on e-Book-Daily have been brisk. The second novel in the American Journey series is available as a free download through Saturday.